Octopus 8 Studios is a team of industry professionals working with teams to produce and publish their work.  The studio is founded on the principle of fairness to all involved in every project and we strive to give people who work with us the experience of working in a satellite studio for the modern age.

The games Octopus 8 has brought you.

See the incredible quality of the games we make at Octopus 8.

It’s hard to get a break in the games industry and we seek to give people new to the world a chance by recognising talent and helping to nurture with it.  

We run projects with games students mentoring them and showcasing their work but also with graduates and experienced professionals alike to aid with everything from design decisions and direction to project management and publishing.

In this way we have published more than 10 games and continue to work on more every day.  We remain open and approachable and are always looking for new material…

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