Chains of Gaia

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Chains of Gaia

Team Chameowmile is proud to present Chains of Gaia!

The land is under attack by dark forces, invaders who wish to exploit the resources of the world for their own gain. Team up with the spirits of nature to drive them back, using a variety of powers including explosive potions, poison frogs, and ricocheting balls of lightning.

Chains of Gaia uses a combination of Matching objects and Shooting: gain ammo by swapping and matching coloured icons in the grid, and use the charged towers to take out the descending enemies. Get ready for 99 levels of frantic fun!

Chains of Gaia features:

-Unique combination of gameplay genres
-Ten unlockable weapons, encouraging a variety of play styles to suit everyone
-A wide variety of enemies, with powers ranging from creating illusions to disabling your weapons
-Nine uniquely-themed worlds with a total of 99 levels
-Gorgeous art and music
-Branching unlock style which allows you to play at your own pace
-Play on the move!
-Can you master the forces of nature to break the chains that hold Gaia?

Chains of Gaia is free to download – this unlocks the first three worlds. Option is given in-app to purchase the full version if you like it. There are *no* other purchases.

If you want to know more about the team and making of the game, check out our story on the website


Delightful Imagine if bejewelled required you to shoot bad guys between matching blocks. Not gonna lie, it gets tense D:

Super Kami Guru