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Goblins!Goblins!Goblins! is all about defending your goblin friends from the nasty humans – you must use the natural defences of your people and bowl yourselves straight at your enemies! Stop them reaching the village at all costs!

Be ready though, different enemies will add unique, cool abilities which’ll require you to think quickly and act in a split second! You’ll need to bounce and pinball between them to build spectacular combos, charge your bombs, and unleash earth-shattering spells!

Think tactically as the battlefield affects both you and your enemies! Who knows what you’ll find when you enter when The Goblin Mountains or the Goblin Swamps…? If you can defend yourself for long enough the humans might even send their leaders in to sort you out – what’ll you do when they send a terrifying Rogue Dragon or ingenious Bomb Inventor after you? Seems like a fun way for you to test out your skills!

As you play you’ll also obtain more and more cute, collectable goblins to help you on your journey. Maybe you can even unlock the final, secretive Rainbow Goblin?

• Special Features
1- Pin-bowl your bouncy Goblin Balls off of your enemies!
2- Test you skills by bouncing between your enemies and creating spectacular combos!
3- Activate earth-shattering spells in times of trouble!
4- Battle through five unique areas full of different enemies and obstacles!
5- Battle funky bosses which put all of your skills to the test!
6- Unlock customisable coloured Goblins!
7- Experience energetic 8-bit music!
8- Try and reach the final Goblin Castle – an area which your Goblin people haven’t seen for generations! Who knows what’s hiding there…

Fun, addictive, I'm loving it Great game, a little slow in the tutorials, but once you get past those it gets quicker and addictive. The horsemen are killer and the guys with buckets on their heads are almost as bad but I get a great sense of achievement as I beat each successive level.

Trudy Winn