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Instead of killing oncoming waves you must save the citizens of SPACE CITY, using unique and powerful Scanners to reveal their identity.

Among the innocent citizens are disguised, dangerous monsters which you must blast with your cannon before they destroy the elevator.

With a Scanner linking system that constantly generates new puzzles, SCANDEMONIUM is a game for anybody who enjoys strategy…as well as blowing up monsters with cannons!

Feature List

* Unique specialised Scanners: experiment with different placement combinations to find the play style that will save the most citizens

* Endless gameplay: randomly-generated levels allow for a unique playthrough every time

* Varied environments: defeat monsters that are native to each of the wide selection of environments, including the elusive rainbow bunny corn

* Choose your style: free unlockable custom skins for all Scanners and the cannon

* Thinking with wires: link your scanners strategically to boost their power and get bonus abilities that drastically increase the number of citizens savedo.

A very interesting change to what we usually see in TDs. I'm a big fan of the genre and I can say that this game has got me entertained for quite some time, starts off slow but picks up pace as you play through and unlock different Scanners and combinations.