13271823_1691362611108333_1184000784_o.pngWe’ve been announcing our new works this week and most recently you heard about Island Foretold.  Today we turn the spotlight on Days of Dacia, an exciting exploration of myth and offerings.

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You have already heard a lot about us and who we are, so it’s about time we talk about our game. Our game is called Days of Dacia and is a narrative-driven puzzle game revolving around the spirit and earth worlds in Dacian Mythology.


You can see the village from a perspective similar to isometric, you can swap between the spirit and earth worlds to be able to view different things to complete the puzzles and tasks.


The opening Narrative is that you are a soul in the spirit world and after lusting to become a god, the gods give you time to prove that you are a good soul before your trial where either you will be allowed to stay in the spirit world or get cast out to live a human life as penance for your sin.


To prove that you should be allowed to stay you are tasked with revitalising an area which has been ignored by the gods for many years and evil spirits and curses have overtaken it, using offerings that are left by people in the earth world you can perform actions and fix the problems of the spirit world.

The key gameplay is using offerings left by villagers in the earth world to fix things / perform actions in the spirit world. Normally these will be curing curses using a combination of offerings which you will have to use in a particular way or possibly an order depending on the task. Fixing the curses will give you access to new people in the village and get you closer to you end goal of passing your trial from the gods and being allowed to remain a spirit.