13275225_10209843554630498_1229890335_oWe’re announcing 2016’s games here.  Yesterday we heard about Fae Lumina.  Today it’s the turn of Island Foretold.  You can see them on Facebook:

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Island For Sale

13405230_10209968359270536_85244080_oImagine you owned an island – a whole island to yourself.

The island has no history, or inhabitants, until you began owning it and you get to decide how your island develops through the generations. You choose its history, its cultural developments, how its environment is treated. Island Foretold lets you, the player, make decisions on how you want the island to turn out. As a turn based game, each turn represents a generation of 20 years.


The game begins with a great prophecy, which threatens the island. The player can choose to work towards surviving the prophecy, or make the decisions they want to and explore what outcomes are generated from their own history.


13434214_10209968358950528_1943598573_n.pngTo make choices, you unlock tiles using the game’s currency – ‘pono’. ‘Pono’ is granted at the end of each round and can increase or decrease as a result of choices made. There’s four tile types: Forest, Beach, Mountain and Village. Each type of tile comes with its own set of impactful choices, apart from the village tile, which can only be unlocked by the Settler Kahiau. These choices are known as environmental choices.


Kahiau are influential people that can be purchased with pono. The Kahiau each have specific roles: Settler, Farmer, Shaman, Warrior and Adventurer. Choices are made over their lifetime corresponding with their roles, which influence the history of the island. These choices are known as social choices and are reflected in multiple sliders, such as: Seafarer – Land-Dweller and Pacifist – Warmonger.


There are plenty of exciting paths to take to shape the history of your island. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we are enjoying making it!