We want you to hear more about each of our teams, and you’ve already heard from Mark – today you can hear a little about Tako 5 from Courtney






Roll up, roll up! It’s time to hear about the tremendous, terrific and tantalizing team of Tako 5!


Aimée “Katniss” White, designer extraordinaire, so eloquent you might just have to Google some of the words she uses. Her favourite game is The Last of Us, and she’d easily survive if she was dropped into the game world, with a personal best score of 450 barebow in archery, you wouldn’t want to be a clicker (zombie) in her sights! The PS2 remains her favourite console, thanks to the ‘myriad’ of games that were available – fantastic word, myriad. She is looking forward to what teamwork can teach her, and being behind the development of a fully functioning game. Her worst joke is: Who led the Israelites across a semi-permeable membrane? OsMoses. Wonderfully awful!


Rui “CueeyT” Pestana is the other dynamite designer, with a savvy mind for fantastically funny Polynesian facts (did you know that the Polynesians had leprechauns called ‘menehune’ who were terrified of owls? – you do now!). Nostalgic for the days of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, his favourite console is the PS2 as well. Currently working on a potential acrobatic career, as he claims he is “surprisingly bendy”, and raising his four-month-old son – awww. His favourite game is any in the Ratchet and Clank series, with all of them containing over the top weapons, great characters and plenty of comedy. His worst joke is: A man rings up a pharmacist. Man: Have you got cotton balls? Pharmacist: Well, yes… Man: Does it tickle when you walk? (Oh dear.)


Charis “the Moustache” Avraam – the artist with the fierce facial hair. His passion for gaming kicked off with his favourite console, the Nintendo 64. Pokémon Yellow was one of his first games and is still his favourite. His art skills will leave you astounded, and one of his greatest achievements was gaining the highest international mark for Edexcel Art and Design in both GCSE and A-Level! Mind-blowing! He is enjoying the opportunity to learn new practical and communication skills during the project. His worst joke is: What did Barack say to Michelle to get her? “I don’t want to be Obama-self”. Puntastic!


Milo “error 404: nickname not found” Bygrave, the perfectionist programmer, and man of few words. A big fan of Timesplitters and Rayman, the timeless PS2 remains his favourite console, and even now he sometimes goes back to it. The game he is most attached to is Guild Wars, although he doesn’t play it currently, it holds many fond memories. He is excited to make and publish mobile game over the summer. He didn’t have a worst joke, but if he was made to choose between Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, he would pick Lord of the Rings, and why? “Crumbses on his jacketses! He did it!”


There we have it, folks, the Tako 5 Team!