We’ve introduced the producers of each team and now we’re going to hear a little about the individuals.  First up is team Blue Star  with their introductions…


Blue star logo v2

Stardate: 2126

Deep space

As we begin this voyage to save our tragically frail king, I feel I must record a log of our journey. We are exploring the far corners of the galaxy to recover the fabled Astral Grail and heal Arthur. Joining me is a crew of the finest men and women the Camelot could muster.

First there are our First and Second helmsmen, Oscar B and Imogen. Oscar B is an experienced helmsmen, having previously won awards for his stellar work. Content to sit in his corner with a heated beverage, Oscar safely guides the ship on it’s course and decides which direction we should take. Helmsman Imogen hails from the relatively close land of Bath, joining the crew as both flight crew and a Communications officer. She assists Oscar B with the direction of our ship, as well as properly communicating our intentions and spreading our quest across the galaxy. [A Helmsman is a Games Designer – Chris]

Also aboard is our Navigator, Deepak. Deepak breathes life into our quest, helping us properly visualise our aims and see where we’re going. Deepak’s fine artistry is ensuring our ideas come to fruition and we can properly display our plan. [Navigator… Artist! – Chris]

Lastly is our Engineer, Oscar L. Oscar originates from the far off planet of Sweden and brings a unique view to the quest. Oscar’s skilled work allows us to actually do what the other crew members have planned, keeping the whole ship running and our quest moving forward. Oscar even braved a giant spider that infiltrated our ship, expelling the creature into space. [Engineers are also programmers it turns out – Chris]

Without so skilled a crew, our quest would surely be forfeit. Let us voyage on into the inky blackness of space!