Yesterday was our first meet and greet with Alex from Vampire Squid (here) – today it’s the turn of Tom who is the producer for Sun Rice Games


Mark T Profile pictureHey, my name is Tom Hopewell and I am the producer of Sun-­‐Rice Games which is one of the teams on the Octopus 8 Summer Project. We are currently in week two of the project and I am loving it so far, I have been in a creative environment before but never on something like a game. Since I am the producer I get to see more of everyone’s work than anyone else, my team is super talented and I am excited about the game we are making. Having only studied games for a year, so far I feel like a newbie in the field but I love the idea and theme behind our game and think we can do something really different and exciting. Our game is based on Dacian Mythology and the Dacian Gods, this is an field which isn’t common knowledge as it is from the same period as the Roman and Greek Gods that overshadow these gods in some ways. Our Game explores their culture, the personalities of the Gods and their view of the afterlife.

13271823_1691362611108333_1184000784_o.pngOverall my experience so far has been a bit overwhelming, there is so much to think about and do but I am now starting to see the idea come together. Getting down to the details is making me realise that our game is actually going to be created  – which is an amazing feeling.